Ningbo Changqi International Co., Ltd. are professional manufacturer & exporter at Plumbing & Plastic Hardware, Sealing, Insulation & Filter industry with 15 years at Ningbo CHINA.

Our product line includes:
1)Sealing & Insulation series: PTFE Thread Seal Tape, PVC Electric Insulation Tape, PVC Wrapping Tape, Aluminium Foil Tape, Cloth Duct Tape, Foam Tape & Fiberglass Mesh Tape, etc.
2)Plumbing series: Valve, Bibcock, Faucet, Shower, Hose & Fitting, etc.
3)Filter series: PTFE Porous Membrane, PTFE Filter Media, PTFE Felt Filter Bags, HEPA & ULPA Air Filter, etc.

Sealing Tape

PTFE Thread Seal Tape
Expanded PTFE Sealing Cord
PTFE Power Resin
Adhesive Tape

PVC Electric Insulation Tape
PIPE PVC Wrapping Tape
Cloth Duct Tape
Aluminium Foil Tape
Filter Membrane

PTFE Porous Membrane
PTFE Filter Media
PTFE Felt Filter Bags
HEPA & ULPA Air Filter

Ball Valve
Angle Valve
Gate Valve
Check Valve

Ningbo Changqi International Co., Ltd.

Bathroom & Sanitary Ware
Ningbo Changqi Bathroom Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. specialized at Bathroom/Toiler Accessories, Sanitary Ware, Hardware & Plastic production...
PTFE Porous Membrane
Ningbo Changqi Porous Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in producing PTFE membrane and advanced e-PTFE membrane filter media...
PTFE Sealing Material
Ningbo Changqi Fluorine Plastic Products Co., Ltd. main products are PTFE thread sealing tape, expanded PTFE sealing cord, super sealing string and so on.
Plastic Pallet & Trash Bin
Ningbo Changqi Plastic Co., Ltd. is founded in the year of 2004, our main products are plastic pallet, plastic trash bin and other big part injection products.
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